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How to get Cornholed by the local Garage

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Once places have your money its hard to get back, but I will say this, don't want another day before going back and trying to make it right. Go armed (proof that the "impossible to find" parts exist), BBB, and handing out flyer's etc etc. in your head ready to be spit out if needed (mention the flyer's and BBB in a calm manner saying you do not want to be forced to do so, or something to that effect.). BE NICE! do not go in screaming, or with a bad attitude, have a mature adult conversation with the owner or manager of the shop and explain everything and how you feel you were ripped off (bring a notepad with stuff written down if you have to, don't rely on memory). Unfortunately you never had an original quote, so proving that you only wanted him to do NECESSARY repairs will be hard, but be nice and don't jump down his throat although you may want to, it 99% of the time yields better results. However if being nice doesnt work after some time, you already lost, so rip him a new one you'll feel better :biggrin:


BTW: this method has proven to work for me many times, however before I let anyone touch my cars I always have a written quote (learned the hard way as it seems you have too)

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