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Update on 69 fastback

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Greetings All, it has been several years since I was last on...family and work issues that pulled in several different directions and required all my time. Hoping the majority of that is finally in the rearview mirror and the road ahead is unencumbered with traffic snarls (lol, yeah probably not).

Anyway, I did manage to get a few things accomplished in the last 7 years.....still have not been able to fully paint the car but figure that should happen next year.

One project was replacing the torn upholstery on the front seats. Upgraded to TMI Sport series II foam and upholstery. Turned out great, much more comfortable to sit on, ended up installing 2 inch extensions so the seat could sit back a little further as the new foam is much thicker than the original foam. Still need to do the rear seat but it's actually in good condition right now, no tears that I have seen.

Over two winters I repainted the engine bay with the motor installed...okay yes I am not smart, lol. I had the bay painted back in 2006 when the motor was out but with all the work over the years it needed to be freshened up so I did the front half one winter and the back half the next winter. I did stuff like this during the two weeks the company would shutdown over the xmas holidays.

Then I decided I wanted to see what the new Wimbledon white looked like so I did a small area on the firewall.

Finally...after realizing that I was getting to old and fat to put the car on jackstands and crawl under it, I bought a 4 post lift...man I wish I had done that 10 years ago.

Anyway, that's a quick update, I plan on being on the forum more going forward. Figure 5 more years and I will retire from having an actual job and then be able to spend alot more time having fun like this.

It is great being back here and seeing everything all of you are doing!!











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Hey there, welcome back. Your 69 looks nice. Be aware that the website lately has gone offline about halfway thru the month, the come back online on the first when the bandwidth is back to the monthly allowance. Several guys are on MustangSteve, VMF, and stangnet.com.

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Got a few items done, installed a new speedometer cable, old one broke and I drove without one for a year as I couldn't get the car high enough on jack stands to work my arms around to route it through the firewall. With the lift it was still a biatch but finally squeezed my arm far enough past the header to get it in.

Next up was changing oil....oh it is so much easier now....

And now the last major item before summer is routing the emergency brake cable. Been without that since 2006. I always park in level spots anyway except for one time.

Came home from work at about midnight on a Friday. I only drive it to work on Fridays when it is nice out...to many idiots on the road it seems. This particular night my garage door opener wasn't working. Parked the car, jumped out, left the driver door hanging open. Walked over to the main shop entrance, unlocked the door, reached in and hit the button. As I walked back out I saw the car rolling down my driveway backwards.....

For a 61 year old guy I did a great impression of Usain Bolt and sprinted after the car, got around the door, grabbed the roof and launched myself into the driver's seat and stomped on the brake.

Managed to stop less then 2 feet from running into a tree as the car had veered off the driveway a little.

Anyway, been reading everyone else's stories and updates, cars look great and people have some amazing projects underway.

Happy St. Patrick's Day all...

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