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Deluxe Dash Passenger Map Light

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I decided to depart from the Woodgrain look and had my main dash and passenger side dash inserts painted body color when my car was recently painted.

It goes nicely with my VHX silver faced gauges.   

In my quest to avoid messing up the paint on the passenger side dash piece, my question is what kind of screws are used to fasten the metal dash insert to the map light assembly?  

I would really like to use some chrome/stainless sheet metal screws with captive washers (aka SEMS) so the screw head doesn't mess up my paint.  I assume the same concern would apply when installing a recently restored woodgrain dash insert with new Vinyl or Di Noc.

Any advice/suggestions/lessons learned would be appreciated.






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I finally did sort out, but the official fastener should be for this map light.

For those of you who do not have the Ford fastener manual, I have found this to be one of my most important resources, as I did not disassemble all of my car, and only had coffee cans full of hardware when I purchased it

The assembly manuals have references to every fastener, and the Ford fastener manual has a cross reference that shows the exact hardware that was used by the factory at the time.

It actually shows photographs of what the fastener should look like, and it has a very detailed reference section on the type of finish, and so forth that was used by the factory for these fasteners, including the markings.

It’s worth the money, it’s actually not that expensive.  This allowed me to go to local fastener shop, and get what I need for these miscellaneous fasteners, that are not easily procured in these interior or exterior or body kits

An example here shows the drawing out of the assembly manual, with the map, light fastener circled, and then that fastener number is shown in the Ford fastener, manual, cross reference, and it takes you right to the page which shows the type of fastener it is.

In this case, it’s a number six pan head sheet metal screw that is three-quarter of an inch long.

I’m actually going to use the number six screw, with a washer, and mine will be stainless







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