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Hood mounted tach, yeah I know its really retro

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But the hood mounted tachometers came as a dealer option, and since I have the ammeter and oil gauge that would give me a complete set of instruments.

You are probably wondering why...well I have been rethinking the direction that I want to take my old Mustang. I have another car, a much loved 2001 Corvette that is full of aging electronics. Nothing has expired yet but its living on borrowed time. It has 17 electronic modules, only 3 of which are available new, and all the rest can only be had used. As a C5 it is 22 years old now and the only "Corvette Only" repair place in the area has stopped taking the newer C6s if they have a Body Control Module issue, because they just can't get them. I am on a campaign to collect as many as I can of the used 14 modules in case I have a failure. As an electrical engineer I knew full well when I bought the car that it would probably only have a 10 year life, but now I don't want to give it up. I read that the newer cars are worse- the boards aren't protected like they are in the sealed-up modules of the slightly older cars.

Its kinda funny that my 54 year old Mustang will surely out live my Corvette that is 30 years newer. I want to keep the Mustang as non-electronic as possible so when it gets passed on to it's second owner, it can still have a useful life, and not end up in a scrap yard. So that changes my plans about a Sniper EFI and Dakota Digital dash.

So here is an old post by Ridge, and I'm wondering, did your hood mounted tach have a black or white dial? They came either way.



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