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Ma light and switch

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I have a reproduction  Daniel carpenter map light assembly for my Deluxe Dash.

I wired it up just to make sure it worked properly, and the switch is not what I would consider reliable.

You almost have to fiddle with the switch to get it to operate properly, and sometimes, it actually causes a direct short.  

I have the three wires hooked up correctly. In one position, the door jamb switch operates the light, and the in the other position, the switch turns the lamp on regardless of the door jamb switch position. 

It  just doesn’t work every time.

Any experience, lessons, learned, suggestion, would be welcome.

I’m probably just going to swap out the switch.






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Excellent schematic!  

I didn’t install a glove box switch, so I ran that wire through my door jamb courtesy light switch circuit so the map light comes on when you open the door if the map light switch is in the “off” position.  

This works fine as the courtesy light circuit is also switched to ground to turn the courtesy lights on when the car doors are open.

The issue is the poor quality of the SPDT switch that came with the repo map light switch.  It operates intermittently.  






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