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Ridge Runner

Dang it anyway!

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Picked up another one of these things! This one is a 2006 GT with 120,000 miles on it ,black with black and red interior . These kids just keep messing them up and i just happen to have the parts to fix them good as new !already has new brakes all the way around and he just did the full front suspension . He fried the tranny but i just happen to have one here. I have everything to fix it ,even the black paint ...my new stable is growing !

Problem is i have enough parts to build one more ,damn it !





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Been working on it when i get the time ,so not a lot ! I sanded down both doors ,the hood ,trunk lid and both front fenders ,got them primed and block sanded ,one more primer coat and a good block sand and they are ready for paint . Still have the front and rear bumper ,the side skirts and a couple of smaller pieces to sand and prime and i can start on the body . It will be painted in pieces because its black and i can do it that way so it will be painted in three stages ,body first,then the doors ,fenders ,hood and trunk lid  ,then the plastic pieces . Using a new clear that cuts and bufs real easy so painting in pieces will allow me to take extra care with each piece .







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