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Will a stock air cleaner fit on a Holley Sniper?

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I want the stock look with the Sniper hiding below, and I know a 4150 Sniper is wider than a 4 barrel carburetor, but nowhere does it give a spec. It’s one of those things that I don’t want to be surprised about after I buy the dang thing. I have a 69 with a 351W and I’m wondering about the air cleaner banging into the linkage or top corners of the Sniper.

The air cleaner is 5-1/8 as is the air horn on a Sniper so at least that will fit. And it will fit height wise under the hood with a stock 4 barrel manifold or an Edelbrock 2181.

Did you have an overly sensitive throttle? Holley sells a throttle extension lever to make the pedal less sensitive, but that could cause more problems.

I’m hoping someone has tried this and will please relate your experience.


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I have 302 with RPM airgap and Sniper.

I have a K&N dropped bade air cleaner and it fits. I could not use a spacer as it went too high and hit the hood.

With the dropped base I have no issues with clearance, apart from not being able to get to the idle screw without removing the filter.

That progressive linkage is a must. Try it without first then change. The difference is noticeable, especially if your pedal is stiff as it takes out a massive fuel hit when both barrels open.

If you have not already bought it, this business rates pretty high for sales and more importantly support after the sale.  https://www.efisystempro.com/

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Thanks, I know I could use a dropped base. My question is if the Stock Air Cleaner will fit over a Sniper without clearance issues. I like the old stock blue bucket and want to continue with that look. Height isn't an issue if I use the correct intake manifold. I'm concerned with the width of the Sniper and the linkage banging into the bottom of the stock air cleaner. It doesn't appear that anyone has used the stock air cleaner, but I suspect its because they use a higher intake and have to switch to a dropped base or hit the hood.

As far as the throttle modification goes, I was referring to Holley's throttle lever extension. In this Holley video he mentions people using progressive linkage, and I found that EFI System Pro sells the progressive linkage. I'm concerned that if I use the throttle extension that it will hit the bottom of the stock air cleaner, because it is sticking up higher. In this video Holley doesn't like the use of progressive linkage, but doesn't say why.


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