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Ridge Runner

60 70 rear seat side panels .

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Well , i decided to scrap this set of molds ,it seems that when i waxed the panels i had textured it smoothed out the texture . They are still usable and dont look bad but i am not happy with them .

Dont worry ,i already started on the molds again . Glued my panels back to the supports ,sanded the panels smooth ...again! I couldnt get black texture this time ,sold out ,but they had bronze . It really doesnt matter what color as long as i get the correct texture.

I think this is about as close as anyone will ever get to being the correct grain this time ,but, i have to figure out how to wax the panels without smoothing out the texture this time . The grey panel is the correct texture ,you can see the bronze is very very close this time !






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Its not me thats picky ...well maybe a little ...ok, a lot !

I learned something about spraying this texture paint ,start spraying off the panel and do not let up until you have passed  off the other side of the  panel or the can will spit . 

Just finished spraying the other panel ,now to let them sit a couple of days once again . I think i will try auto wax this time so i dont have to rub so hard to remove it .

I made a couple of test panels to try waxing with out rubbing down the texture.

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Have you considered one of the chemical release agents instead of wax?  I use that in my resin transfer mold and it works great with no build up or potential damage to the mold surface.  Just thinking out loud…..

Otherwise………….DANG those look good (Mr. Picky Pants!). LOL!

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I have the spray on mold release ,its like a plastic sheet against the mold ,i have some molds that have made well over 200 parts with little to no damage to the molds . Still requires waxing the part but i am going to try turtle wax ,i have used it before and it wipes off easily . I will give it an extra coat to help it let go. Mold release wax is a lot harder to work with . 

I pulled the mounting plates off the back side of an old junk set of panels ,they are a pain in the butt to make because of shape and small size so i am going to make a press mold that will make both sides at the same time .

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Hard to get a good pic but i was a bit more aggressive on the texture on these test panels and the main panel . I used mold wax on this one and it didnt wipe out the texture ,it did leave gold on my wipe down rag so hopefully the panels will take it this time ,i will be a lot more gentle with them 



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Oh ,that feeling you get from being a picky ass and it pays off!

I let these bake in the sun most of the day ,couldnt hardly cut this stuff it got so hard . They came out fantastic! Of course this is a reverse image because its the mold . I would have made another set of molds except the texture came off the panels and i had to blow it out of the molds ,good thing for spray in mold release !

Now for the trimming ,mounting on a backing and waxing .

The mold is right at 1/4 inch thick and it does not flex .





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I have the whole interior for my 69 now.

I have had the molds for the trap door for some time ,made from a perfect 69 trap door ,it uses all the factory attachments .

I have also had the hockey sticks for a while .

The fold down latch covers came out perfect .

I even have the roll bar covers for the shelby bar ,i will be putting one in my 69 .

The piece above the trap door is finished both sides and uses the factory mounting clips 








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