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Grand National Roadster Show

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My brother and I drove down to Pomona Friday to check out the show. Having never been before, we didn't know what to expect. We had a great time, and I'd recommend it to any gearhead. 

The level of engineering, fabrication, style, and paint was over the top. Everyone there was a nice as could be. While waiting on line for the gates to open, we chatted with folks from England and New Zealand who traveled here just for the show. There are about 7 buildings used, and lots of cars parked outside. I've never seen so many Ford motors in Ford cars before. Hopefully it's catching on. 

The Ring brother's had a 48? Chevy pu that had 10,000 shop hours, and 2,000 design hours in it. Wth? 

This Mustang is owned by, and built by guys from Bakersfield. I'd met the owner a few years ago at an F100 meet in Santa Maria. I didn't see him Friday, but he's a down to earth friendly dude who has 17 of these top shelf builds. I'd seen two of his 56 F100s, and his 62 Starliner that has a Kasse B9 in it. 





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This little guy took home the nearly 10 foot trophy. It wasn't my top pick. 


I would've given the top pick to one of these two. 



This 67 Fairlane was a clean cool build with a B9.


Kevin Hart's all carbon fiber 70 Charger.


I love the 57 Ranchero styling. 




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A one off hand built Euro looking style. 


The Speed Demon LSR. The amount and quality of the work is mind boggling.


A Ring Brothers crazy build. It has 10,000 so hours and 2,000 design hours in it. 




I love this belly tank LSR. The engineering and fab work is top shelf. 



Jimmy Shine's hemi Charger. He's had it to 180 at El Mirage. 


This Chrysler Invicta is so nice. It won the Shonamaker or close award. 




Most of the cars had turbos, blowers, or 8 stack injection. Even the cars parked outside the 7? buildings were well built. I can't imagine what these guys spend on just taking these cars to shows. The displays for the car, trailers, lodging, fuel, yikes.

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