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Not Mustang related but...

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Thought yall might like to see this. 



This is a clip from season 32 episode #4 (came out earlier this year).

I hope the video stays up. Youutube and Fbook keep taking it down. The clip is not available anywhere else. They apparently only ran it a few times on the air but then removed it. 

Was an amazing experience. FYI my Viper was running high 10 sec passes. They deliberately slowed it down for the show.... Can't have a 9 year old American car beating a shiny new electric truck! LOL. What was most bizarre about the entire thing was that they would not prep the Viper's lane but extensively prepped the Rivians. Not prepping the Viper's lane required at least 30+ runs because the driver just could not get the car to hook and he was just not used to driving a Viper (it was 45 degrees out in January at the time of filming). 

The closeup of the spinning tire was actually me doing the burnout! And you can see me in several of the shots, notably inside the truck. 
Still an amazing experience. Every one of the 60+ Topgear staff were great people and I would do this again in a heart beat. The car was driven by F1 driver Eduardo Marques. They would not confirm or deny that he is the Stig, but that he does travel with them for the show and does most of the stunt, timed driving...etc. I was fortunate enough to have Freddy and Eduardo sign the car too.  
Get my car on Top Gear- checked that off the bucket list!

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Congrats on the appearance, even if it was a bit, um, contrived, to make the sponsored vehicle look good. :)

I got it to play but had to jump through some hoops:

  1. Cut and paste the link into your browser.     Don't include the [video] and [/video] parts.
  2. "sign up" for vimeo (I clicked "continue using my google account")
  3. Scroll alllllllllllll the way to the bottom of the sign up page to click the tiny print that says "continue free access"
  4. When the video starts, it looks like a truck commercial. You may want to fast-forward to the 8-minute mark for the good stuff.

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LOLS had to slow it down..... And put in a rookie driver. You can see the Viper was going to smoke it at the top end but then it just. Stopped.

My sister has an EV and she loves it. I love it because it's more gas available for my Mustang.

Pretty cool to be on TV but, and a Viper is up there in cred.

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