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70 Borgeson p/s conversion - lock tube options

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So I have started to convert my original factory power steer/auto 70 to a Borgeson p/s unit.

I am also converting to manual and don't need the lock tube set up.

Mustang Steve claims that you need to use a roller bearing right at the base of the column on a Borgeson/rack conversion and I can see why - there is no real solid support past the nylon bush about 4 inches up the column.

So, my issue is how to deal with the lower end of the column.

My test fit today confirmed I need to cut at least 1" and probably 1.5" off the bottom of the column to make it all work nicely, as the rag joint doesn't have much room. IMG_5220.thumb.JPG.f3e3c7cdce878c74087d6c46cda6728b.JPG

I've fully pulled the column down and I see possibly 2 options. As the '70 relies on the lock tube to hold the top lock ring in place, I need to keep it.

1. Cut the outer tube down, collapse the inner shaft and also collapse the lock tube. For those not in the know, the lock tube is 2-piece and has nylon that holds it in place. I have had words with it and have collapsed it down about 1/2". Place a screw into the support to keep the lockout, locked and done. Then, replace the whole shebang and away we go. But this option leaves the ugly lock lever in the engine bay and also does not managed the movement at the base of the column. The lower thin nylon bush in the lock tube seems to offer no support to the actual steering shaft. Is this correct?

2. Cut the outer tube down, collapse the inner shaft to suit, and then cut off the bottom of the lock tube, removing the lever completely. Then, find a roller bearing that fits the lower column and supports the steering shaft centrally. The lock tube will still be supported by the nylon bush inside the column and there is a small boss that I can use to put a screw into to lock the lock-out off so it doesn't cause me static in years to come.

What I am not sure about is what it the purpose of the lower bush? As per the attached image taken from www.deadnutson.com it doesn't support the steering shaft, so why is it there?


At this point, I am thinking a simple roller or ball bearing inserted into the bottom of the cut down tube is going to work better. 

What would Pedro do :) ?



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Have you thought about removing the lock tube completely and locking the top lock ring inside the car by the steering wheel? 

One of my 70 cars is missing the rod from lock tube to transmission.  So I wrapped cloth tape around the lock ring and key ring to hold the ring in place. A small screw in between lock ring and key ring should work too.

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