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Throttle cable snapped, need recommendations

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Hello All,

had a hiccup this morning, luckily I was at home when this happened. I went to press the gas pedal to start the choke and boom, the gas pedal went to the floor and the cable snapped at the T cylinder at the gas pedal. Does anyone have any recommendations for a replacement and what is the actual length? I believe mine was an aftermarket from oreillys/autozone and I went through different sizes, years back and it was a nightmare.

I have 351w with a 750 cfm (4150) brawler carb, OE pedal. The Current Cable is from a ford vehicle, not sure what year, but it was the closest I got when I did this in high school, bracket is an L bracket (mr.gasket) that I had to modify.

would anyone have any recommendation on going back to the OE brackets, spring and throttle cable? which brand do you recommend?





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12 hours ago, Rsanter said:

I would have said buy a repo or if you need to fix now I would drive a punch through there and open a bit will a drill bit.

put back on the cable and punch the side to recrimp it

Thanks, this was something I was considering if I the new OEM was bad qaulity.

I ran into another problem which caused the throttle cable to snap in the first place. The gas pedal bracket was missing a bolt against the firewall which was causing the gas pedal to move around when accelerating which freyed the cable, ha, go figure..

bought a repro bracket, return spring and a bracket from NPD, but the bracket didn't fit my current carb due to the secondary primary pump cover and lever in the way, eventually I was going to mod the bracket and was digging through my storage/tools and found a Lokar throttle cable kit and bracket I bought years ago, past me was thinking of the future.

Installed the Lokar kit and it resolved my problem for now.

Happy Holidays everyone! 

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