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1970 Mustang Rear wheel well

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Good afternoon everyone, I’m new here land I like some help on 1970 fastback project

i have purchase the car from a museum in Dubai and the car has “0” rust..it was kept inside and they. Did not refurbish anything 

I just finishing installing a Heidst IRS and I like to run a 300/40/18 wheel …..I heard about the pie cut…anyone here has some pictures on how is done?..




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The wheel tub is wider at the back than it is in the front.

when fitting wider/max width tires in the back you will get the inside of the tire contact the front of the inner wheelhouse before it contacts the inner rear.

so, what some people do is to slice the front half of the inner wheel house and move it inward which then leaves a long skinny pie shaped gap.

then you cut a piece of metal the size/shape of that gap and weld it in


i believe that is what is being referred to

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