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Ammeter change to Voltmeter

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 Wanted. to be sure and double check on  this. I am changing ammeter to voltmeter with a build from Rocketman.  I will use a 12V switched source for 12V. Wanted to be sure if I can remove red and yellow ammeter leads from pins 16 and 17 on the plug on instrument panel. I would cut them and fold back and insulate. I  assume this is all I need to do to disconnect them? Hopefully Midlife can advise. I will leave enough slack so they could always be reconnected if ever needed.



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I typically cut the pins off, fold the wires and then put heat shrink over the exposed end for insulation; then wrap them inside the harness tape so they are not seen.  For extra protection, you can also remove those pins from the back of the fuse box and do the same thing.

You need to keep the 3 pin used version of the voltage regulator connector and do not use the version for the alternator indicator lamp (4 pin version).

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