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Adco mustang review

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recently I learned of a vendor just 2 hours up the road from me.  The name is amco mustang. They are located in Harrison Arkansas.   You will not find a website, and zero social media.  The owner recently died at the age of 90.  Since he has passed his widow has taken over and the kids help run the business.   I just want to share my experience.  I heard about this business on facebook, and had no idea what I was getting into when I arrived at the shop.  I grabbed my tools, and hit the road.  I was fully prepared to scrounge through a mustang junkyard.  I WAS WRONG!!! 

Yes, Amco does have used parts, but they mostly focus on new parts for 65-70 mustang.  They have 3 buildings packed with parts.  Each building is approximately 7200 sq ft.  

If you are looking for sheetmetal,  give them a call.  They have a lot of it. They also have a lot upholstery,  and even some stuff for 65-68 shelby mustangs.  Parts galore!  I was there from 10 am to 5 pm, and I didnt see everything.  

Ok, onto my experience. The widow is elderly,  probably in her 80s.  Her name is butch, and she is sweet, honest and just nice to be around.  Her daughter was there to help her, and I would say she was in her 30s or 40s.  Very nice, knowledgeable and patient.   The prices on new stuff is very fair.  They are in line with NPD, Virginia mustang and the like.  Somethings they are higher priced,  and some things they are less.  But there is just 2 of them. And I'd rather give them my money over some corporation.  They have everything  from carpet to windshields. Body panels, radiators, performance parts and on and on.  

Used parts...this is where things got a little sticky for me.  Now, I will say this.  I am new to the mustang world. I was raised around International harvester,  and own several of them.  Over the past 30 years, I've gotten to know most of the business owners on a personal level. And when you are dealing with a small community,  we treat each other more than fair.  Like this " I've got a few of those, if you need one pay for shipping and dinner and I will send one to you".  That's how the community works, and I am sure there are folks like that here.  But I'm new, so I really have no idea.  

I needed a rear quarter extension. They had plenty of new, but they also had a large crate full of used ones.  So, into the bin we reach and pull one out.  There was dozens of them. As we were walking around, I was tripping over air cleaners.  There are 50 of them...at least. Along with dozens of transmissions,  dozens of 8 inch and 9 inch axles, and Individual third members. 

In my spoiled experience with IH, I expected the same response to pricing.  I WAS WRONG! she wanted over 150 bucks for a old greasy air cleaner. She wanted 75 for the used extension. Full axles are 500.  Third members are 350. Transmissions were 500 and up. There was no negotiation.  My jaw hit the floor. I really wasn't expecting that. I wasnt expecting to get anything for free.  But I also wasnt expecting to pay those prices. I can buy 9 inch rear ends all day long for 200.  I picked up a toploader for 175, and a 4r70w for 250, just recently.   I paid 30 for a quarter extension.  

I was deflated.   I was shocked.  I was reeling due to the rigidity of pricing on used parts. I mean, if I have 50 air cleaners and you need one, here is an old greasy one.  Get it out of my way. I've been tripping over them for 30 years...

But again.  That is due to being spoiled.  I'm sure.  And to be fair, she gave me a great deal on a package tray, a granada disc brake swap, and mirrors.   So overall I feel like it all came out in the wash. And I am satisfied with the overall price of my package.  Im also grateful to have a vendor close to me.  I will definitely use them again.  I will temper my expectations. If you are near Harrison Arkansas its definitely worth a visit.  You will be overwhelmed!!!  It was unbelievable. 

If you need parts, I do suggest giving them a call.  But you have to Google the phone number.  I'm not giving it to you. Hahaha. 

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