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Hello, I am having some issues with my turn signals/directionals.  Previously, I had installed a hood scoop light harness.  It worked for while but one the bulbs kept going out. I would jiggle it a few itmes and it would go back on.  I jiggled it too many times and it shorted out. At that point, none of the directionals would work. I realized that I had killed the flasher can.   The LED flasher can shorted (wires on the board melted).   I have LED tailights (sequential if a specific flasher is used) and directionals. All headlamps, parking lights, taillights, brake lights, adn hazards work just fine.

I put in a new LED flasher (non-sequential just basic LED one) and it would not work. 
I used a multimeter to check for voltage at the flasher socket by jumpering it.  I do get approximately 12 volts.  I put in the LED flasher and I get the same voltage.
I checked the turn signal switch and found that I did not have power at the switch other than for the hazards.  
I disconnected the directional signal & hazard switch connector.  I checked for incoming voltage—I have power to the hazards, horn, and flasher.  I do not have any power for the rear directionals or the front directiaonal lights.  
I am at a loss as to where to check next.  I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.  I may post this on vintage mustang forum as well. 
Thank you 

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