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70 master cylinder

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Hello all,

I feel really stupid because I already did this once about 10 years ago.

so more specs… car is 70 Mach. 351c with 3 speedstck.

drum brakes all around.

I can pull the master cylinder and bench bleed a new on… the part I forget is the rod that hooks to the pedal.

I forget how it attaches… I hope it’s not behind the brake light switch.

last time I replaced the switch it took me hours. Then suddenly it went in.

So I guess I need to know if anyone would leave the rod on the pedal and just replace the master?

I noticed a tiny leak up by the clutch pedal today…inside car…only took about 1/16 of an inch of fluid in back bowl.

frontwas perfect.


looking for ideas and thoughts…keep in. Mind im71 and not as nibble as I once was.

Should I just watch this or replace master?e

thanks in advance.   Sam


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Follow up questions

1. can pull the rod from master cylinder and leave it attached to br!e pedal

2. I know the rod is suppose to attach inside the master cylinder.   But why? Does the brake pedal help pull the “puck” backward

3. Should I just add fluid and keep a eye on things….

4. Why do some master cylinders come with no rod?

idoubt I can work under the dash.. don’t know why 


I appreciate ideas tips etc.


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You didn't say if manual or power assist but from what you describe I assume manual. The manual M/C rod ( the ones I have seen anyway) has a retainer that holds the rod in the M/C in the event that the brake pedal gets pull back farther than its normal retracted position and allowing the rod to come out of the M/C.  

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Hello Rustback,

thanks for the info and thoughts.

when I replacecthe master it was simple except for installing brake light switch.

i worked a just that for several hours… too tight up there.

when I finally got the switch in it took about a minute.

that is why I was thinking of leaving the rod on the pedal.

You are right manual drum brakes all arounr

not sure what I will do…

thanks again….. sam


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a great picture .. thanks a real great pix and if I do have a shop

do the job.. I’ll give it to them.

hard to explain why I may not attempt the job.

plastic time I did it it took about 3 hours and thirty tries.

onthe final attempt it went together sooooosimple


just had to get the correct angle.

this has me depressed a bit.. I have wrenched on cars

for 60 years and not much I wouldn’t tackle.

I guess just an issue with my age….


thanks. Sam

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Did you remove the seat the last time?  If not, you  might find that helps.   As I have gotten older, I have developed a  slightly claustrophobia condition.   Had an MRI a few years ago, and really had to play mind games to get through it, that was when I realized it had started.  When I had to replace a couple of small rubber pads that control the on/off of the brake light and cruise control on  a 1999 Nissan Altma, I had to take the front seat out, otherwise I was too close to the lower dash and the claustrophobia kicked in.   More work, but you can lay flat, more or less.



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