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1999 mustang radio stuck in

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Hello all,

 I’m hoping some of the people here can offer ideas

my wife’s radio won’t come out…it is factory radio with single CD player below

so I put the din tool in the 4 holes ..push the tool in, don’t feel much…

then I try to push outward on the tool and pull the radio.   It won’t budge.has a little wiggle side to side but really

 stuck.   For kicks I tried the cdplayer and that won’t come out.

I don’t want tobreak the bezel and I think there is as few behind the cd unit..but that won’t come out.


I have tried a lot…but something must be messed up with the springs.

I talked to a radio shop today and they want &

$500 to install a new radio


i was hoping to pull the radio and get numbers off it and try to find one on eBay.

the CD player works.. but the radio doesnt




how do I get the dang radio out?

trust me it is stuck.. I watched about 10 videos and it looks so simple.

nope… not for old me…

any ideas ?

thanks sam


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We pulled the radio out of a 2000 expedition ,it was also stuck ,the release tabs somtimes have to be pushed while someone else pulls forward on the radio . They are supposed to jump forward slightly when you insert the tool and push but they don't always  come forward. The tabs that lock the radio in should feel springy when you push in on the removal tool  

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I have a pair of the removal tools and don't remember having issues pulling the single DIN radios & CD players from my '94 & '98 Mustangs and my dad's '89 & '95 Taurus SHO's.

Mayber there was a trick to it, but it has been so long ago so if there was ... I don't remember !!

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I've had that happen. Key is to push the tool in just far enough to engage the clip. It's too easy to push right on through which tends to lock everything down rather than release. Push the tool until you just feel a "pop". It's very very small. Usually you have to work the tools left and right just a bit while pulling. Not all removal tools are the same, I can tell you that. The cheap ones (that I let other people borrow) quite frankly suck and are a struggle. But with the good ones some radios are still a bit of a struggle. Never have figured out why some pop out like corks where some seem superglued in. I recall one so bad I had to disassemble part of the dash trim and remove the glove box to release the clips by poking them with a very long screwdriver. Best guess is that someone tried to remove the radio before with improper tools maybe. That one was before I scored the genuine Ford clips tools though.

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