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Need help please! 1970 Mach 1 dash Warning/Idiot Lights not working

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Hi everyone,
My uncle's 1970 Mach 1 was recently rewired with an American Autowire harness. Right now everything works (gauges, lights etc), but the Warning/Idiot lights stopped working. The car has been in restoration for so long that we can't remember which lights should light up. Even then, with the new AAW harness, we don't know which lights should come on (Alt, Oil, Voltage?). Can someone tell us which warning lights light up during ignition? Also, any tips to start trouble shooting would be appreciated!

Thanks!American Autowire Harness


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Well, since it isn't OEM, then no one but American Auto Wire can tell you how its wired- we have no diagrams for their products.

However, if you have a tach, then you should have an alternator warning light instead of an ammeter, and the light should come on in "Accy", or "ON". The dual brake warning light should come on in "Start"- that's part of the prove out circuit. If so equipped you could have a seat belt light, and a park brake light. The seat belt light would come on with "Accy  or "ON", and go out in less than a minute. The park brake light would come on in "ON" or "Start" if the brake is on. 

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