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Seatbelt bolt specifications

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Can anyone tell me the specs of the bolts for the shoulder mount for 3 point belts in a 69 Mach 1

so far if I’m right I think it’s a 3/8” UNC thread I just need to find out the length of the thread on the bolt

pic of the bolts from CJ Ponyparts 

im in Australia and CJ freight costs ($156) are offensive otherwise I’d just buy them off them


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It seems like there's a cheaper way to ship them there.  Even if a member here ordered you the bolts and mailed them.  Cjpony is probably using FedEx or something and their quote is insane.


The threaded portion of the shoulder belt bolts its about 1.5".  But the hole in the roof they thread into is not that long.  So in reality,  probably half of the threads on the bolt do nothing.

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