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Old Timer Help for Old Timer Tool - P&G Valve Gapper

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Howdy folks!  

I am a sucker for “old” tools.  Particularly tools I was “raised” with and have since gone the way of the wagon in the modern sense.

Recently, I picked up a very nice P&G Valve Gapper, nearly identical to the unit I was trained to use many years ago.  If you know what these are and how they work, you’re my kinda crazy!  There really has never been another tool like it to ensure extreme accuracy in setting valve lash on mechanical cams and it’s a shame they have become so rare.

Anyway, as someone who continues to have need to set valve lash, and hates the feeler gauge method, I decided to try to find the most complete P&G Valve Gapper I could.  This is a “Universal” model 300 which was considered the most “flexible” evolution of the design before they went obsolete in the early 70’s.

As I have a desire to better round out my setup to cover all of the engines I get into, I am looking for some help in locating and purchasing some specific P&G parts if anyone might be willing/able to help.  Specifically, I am looking for the following:

Adapters (horse shoes):  H-1, H-2, H-3, V-2, J-5, F-1

Barrels:  #1

If anyone has any familiarity with these tools and has any leads on where I might find these bits, I would be very grateful!  I have a small cache of Model 300 parts I have that I can trade if anyone else out there might have one they still use as well.  Just let me know what you are looking for!




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