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Ridge Runner

So ,i bought a new tool

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My internet kept suggesting that i needed this for some reason ,just kept popping up ! 

Its a bauer surface conditioning tool ...thats what they call it , from Harbor Freight .

Comes with 3 different grit wheels ,40 ,120 and 240 grit .  Thought i would try it out on a 56 Ford fender . Started off with the 120 grit ,just about polishes the metal so i tried the coarser 40 grit . Takes the paint off and surface rust fairly easily ,it does heat the metal so you would have to be careful not to over heat it .

Problem ! It is noisy so your neighbors will not be to happy with you ..oh look they are waving at me ..nope ,it the bird !

Makes a lot of dust so you need a mask ..no ,i am not Fauci but you really need that mask here.

So ,the 120 grit took it down to a shine ,but the 40 grit slightly roughed the metal and took it to metal a lot faster  but if you went over it with the 120 after it would be better . I also played with the speeds and it seems like 4 is the best speed for some reason. 

Also when you pull the trigger it is a very slow wind up start that seems weird at first . Looks like it can do the job if no one hits you from behind because of the noise 

Pic one is 120 grit and pic two is the 40 grit ,and it did take the surface rust off pretty easily . 

I will have to play with it a bit before i can give a good thumbs up.








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Ridge, you do know your internet listens to you and recommends items you're talking about. It sounded to me like you were kidding in your post. They don't just go by your internet searches. Bastards.

Thanks, now I've got another tool to buy. Been looking at the Eastwood model for years, but too expensive. 

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