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Windshield Ribbon Size

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Yep, 3/8 . Make sure not to touch the mounting edge of the glass or the body lip ,it will leave a fingerprint and will cause leaks . The best time to install a windshield is when it gets warmer outside ,its much easier to seat the glass properly as the ribbon or rope is a lot softer  ,just do not push to hard in one spot ...ask me how i learned this!

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3 hours ago, Mach1 Driver said:

Do yo guys mean 3/8" cord/rope like shown in the video below, or this ribbon from NPD:


I used the 3/8 round like the first one u posted from npd.  

I watched the one where Rich used the urethane on the 69 windshield that is interesting, if I were to ever replace another one I would give that a try. I like the way that is done with putting the trim on while the sealer is still soft so u can get the height right before it sets up. I did see something black around the edge, I assume that is what you're talking about. Not sure what that is, if it came on the glass or something he put on it.   

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