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1969 Grande Parts for sale

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I've been doing a semi resto-mod on my 69 Grande, I've got some parts that I've swapped out that need new homes.

Here is what I have

2BBL Carb, I just had it rebuilt and decided to go EFI  It comes with the spacer and a 2 new fuel filters (Make Offer)

New Alternator, purchased installed and never used because I upgraded to a bigger one.  (Make Offer)

2 BBL Intake manifold will clean it up before I ship (make Offer0

Original Accelerator cable (make offer) Swapped out for Lokar

Both side rear tail light lenses (very usable condition, some crazing but usable) Mark Offer

rear lens gaskets (good shape) Make Offer

Fuel Pump with hard line to carb (Make Offer)

Used and damaged dash harnesses (I think I have 3 )in various conditions (used for parts or could be rebuilt (No Tach version)

302 Cylinder heads (Need Rebuilding) pulled to replace with GT40 heads

New oil sender still in package (Make offer)

Alternator brackets

24 inch Radiator Shroud (great condition) repo

Under hood support braces both sides, (replaced with export brace)

Power Steering pump bracket (blasted and painted silver with ceramic paint)

Power Steering Pump hose bracket Mounts on rear of the pump (bead blasted ready for paint)

Accelerator Linkage bracket


Will consider trading for stuff I need.


I have lots more to post.  I need to generate some funds to upgrade the AC system.  If your looking for something not listed please send me a PM





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