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Power steering pump high pressure hose burst

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Hello all,

While parking my car I was met with wafting smoke from the engine compartment. I popped the hood to discover a significant amount of fluid coming from what I believe is the high pressure hose of the power steering pump - specifically the flared coupling that connects the metal tubing to the rubber. It squirts out quite a bit of fluid as I turn the wheel (engine on). The leak appears to be from the rubber side of the connection.

I am hoping to get some help identifying exactly which part I will need to replace. There seems to be some variety in these hoses for each model year. I think the part begins with 3A719, however, there seems to be several subtypes indicated by a letter. One forum suggested the VIN would tell me, which might make my car the "F" subtype? For context, the pump is original and was attached to a 5L 302 with a 4 barrel, however, I rebuilt a 5.8L 351W, which I have been driving everyday, without incident, for the past 8 months or so.

At this point, I know nothing of why this happened, and I understand it can be a variety of things ranging from a bad hose or clog or bad everything.  For now, my main goal is to track down some kind of part number I can use to order a replacement for this section of the hose assembly. 

Appreciate any help in advance. The photos below show a driver side/top side view of the PS pump and the hose. After running the car a second time to confirm the location of the leak, the leaking fluid came out much more frothy and pink. Some of the other fluid in the picture is transmission fluid, which is from an old leak I am already aware of.  I also included a picture of the underside to help identify the general shape of the tubing. Hope it helps.







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A couple things looks strange to me without comparing to a diagram or looking at my car.

Assuming the car in the OP's avatar is this one it is a 69.

In the first picture looking down it looks like two hoses are going vertical through the support bracket that is supposed to run horizontally under the Lower Control Arm mount.

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