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Boss 302 Chassis/Engine PDF

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On 1/10/2022 at 4:44 PM, SWPruett said:

C’mon guys!  I know it’s old, but this is still copyrighted material.

 I get what your saying SWpruett but this information in the book is widely known and tons of race shops sell these parts that were taken from the book. i.e Maier, opentracker, Cobranda and few engine builders to name a few.

you can type the book name in any search engine and this pdf will appear on multiple free sites.

 If someone wants to buy a hard copy of the book, then yes, spend the $10... imo information on a car no longer being produced shouldn't gate keep this type of info and should be shared freely and digitally.

But I leave this up to the mods, if they feel I broke the rules then I will allow them to remove this post.

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