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What is better than owning a 1970 Landau top yellow Grande?

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Owning 2.

Had one in bright yellow since 1995.

Recently stumbled upon a local add (70 miles away is considered local, right?) for one which is light ivy yellow with black Landau top. Showed the pictures on the add to my wife and said "it looks like the one we have". She said "you are going to buy it right?" I said "I do not have room left in the shop to store it". She said "I'll have a yard sale and empty your old shop" (she has been using my old 2 car shop as storage to store stuff we do not need). So I bought it (and yes she emptied the old shop, almost empty).

Does not need a lot of rust repairs, most seen on the pictures is surface rust (no rust through on the roof under the Landau top). 351W 2V, PS, PDB. racing mirrors. Still in original factory paint besides the front fenders and the hood. It shows 76072 miles (might be original miles as it still has a Ford muffler with C9ZA-5230 stamped on it).Has the Landau top trim. Has seats from SN95 with power lumbar (which is not connected). So I pushed the 70 vert  I was working on a side and started taking this one apart. Vert needs a lot of sheet metal work including 3 frame rail replacements due to mouse pee eating up the metal. 

70 grande.JPG





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