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Relocating battery to the trunk

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I used an Optima battery with an off road mounting bracket.  I also mounted my main disconnect switch, maxi fuse, and starter solenoid there.  Will post some pics and a diagram of my power distribution and grounding systems fyi.  Used military surplus Hummer battery cables, found on Ebay.  

I used large welding size cables and crimped/heat shrink my own lugs for the main power feed and starter feed.


Trunk power.jpg

Trunk power distribution.jpg

trunk ground bus.jpg

main power feed from trunk to firewall block.jpg

firewall power feed1.jpg

starter and power feed.jpg

pass side channel wiring.jpg

pass door channel wiring to dash.jpg

under dash power distribution.jpg

Starter bulkhead connector.jpg

Power Distribution.pdf starter power wiring.pdf ground bus distribution.pdf

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Yeah, that picture is really not clear.  That is my starter wire feed bulkhead connection that is in the top of my passenger side fenderwell.   In the picture above it, you can see the large red wire that goes to a 90 degree red connector. That is actually an insulated bulkhead connector. The other side is in the passenger side fenderwell. That is what this picture is.  The black wire coming out of the 90 degree connector in the fenderwell is the feed to the starter.   

The other red wire that just happens to be in the picture is a power feed from my firewall power block to a power block that is mounted on the inside of the radiator support on the passenger side.  All my wiring and cables are run in the fenderwells.  Some pics below.







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A bit of work, but frees up the engine compartment space for your digital ignition box, fan controller, etc.

Make sure you adequately fuse the wiring going up front.  If I were to do it again, I would probably mount the starter solenoid on the front of that black plate in back of the battery, to make it more accessible.  I also considered using a remote control disconnect. Ron Francis makes one, and it is pretty slick.  Also might have considered a Bosch continuous duty starter solenoid. They are a little pricey, but are rated for 24 volts at 80 amps.   As you know, the Ford solenoids are not that sturdy......

If you are going racing, my method is NOT NHRA legal.  That requires a push/pull switch and some other stuff.

Also, If you don't use an Optima style battery, you will need to get a vent kit, and deal with that.

Good luck, post some pics!


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