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Trivial Pursuit Parts Challenge....

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Nearing the end of my '70 Vert build, and I have a box full of miscellaneous brackets and stuff that I don't have a place for....   I have given each picture a name and am interested first, are they Ford Mustang Parts?.... second, what exactly are they used for?....... 

Any feedback would be appreciated.  Also, if anyone needs these, first come, first serve, I will give you the "family price" if you need the part.

Kind of like Trivial Pursuit for Mustangs....


bracket 1.jpg

bracket 2.jpg

bracket 3.jpg

bracket 4.jpg

bracket 6.jpg

bracket 7.jpg

bracket 8.jpg

timing pointer.jpg

bracket 9.jpg

bracket 10.jpg

bracket 11.jpg

bracket 12.jpg

power steering hose perhaps.....jpg

E brake cable bolt........jpg

mystery bolt and retainer.jpg

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No. 1 looks like some type of crank balancer pointer

No. 3 fender bracket for 67 -70

No. 6 alternator spacer ,bolts to head 

No 8 timing pointer ,351 cleaveland

No. 10 brake line bracket ,mounts on rear end housing ,axle tube ,breather bolt holds it on 

  No. 13 power steer bracket ,bolts at motor mount .

No.15 rocker splash deflector ,mounts on top of rockers to keep oil in the rocker and not on the inside of the valve cover 



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