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What master cylinder do you run on manual brakes?

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I need to order a 1" master cylinder.  I was planning on getting the ranger and explorer master cylinders like @Vicfregbut then I realized he chose those because of his booster. 

I would rather buy one with a clear reservoir instead of the original type that you remove the whole top.  But what's better? 

As for the porpotional valve,  is the wilwood the best option? 

I would rather order this stuff now instead of when I need it. 

Thanks guys

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On 9/4/2021 at 10:59 PM, RPM said:

What does the guy you paid handsomely for your brakes recommend?  :)

A 1" bore master. I asked if he can give me advice on how to set the bias and he basically told me every car is different and gave me a list of the master cylinders he sells.....


Well I ordered a wilwood tandem but the dual remote reservoir and adj porpotional valve kit. I like it because it has the pushrod already and lines from the master to the porpotional valve. I just learned that the tandem feature makes it two independent systems.  I didn't know that. That sold me 

I just didn't care for the oem style that needs to be opened to view how much fluid you have. 

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