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How Alternators Work

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Rev 3 of How alternators work

Edit, I finally replaced my old defunct analog scope with a new, much cheaper, much better digital storage oscilloscope. These things have changed dramatically with the advent of digital circuitry. They can store the waveform, take the measurements and display them, do math on them (like taking the mean) and scads of other really neat features.

So I was curious what the wave looked like at our alternator’s neutral stator terminal. Turns out it’s a pretty wicked sawtooth. So now I can dispel any mystery as to how to hook-up a choke heater to the stator. I’ve also added a page on the “Radio Noise Suppression Condenser”.


How Alternators work3.docx

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On 9/29/2021 at 10:32 AM, swooshdave said:

I came over from VMF just to read that and it was totally worth it.



Glad to have you here Dave. 

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