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Radiator drain solution?

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Hey guys, anyone out there have a clean way to drain the radiator without just letting it run out all over the struct rod support?  My drain valve is directly over the strut rod brace, and when I want to drain the radiator, fluid just goes everywhere.  There is just a hole in the drain valve, so no seeming way to hook a hose to it that I can figure.

Anyone have any great soultions?  Maybe some kind of funnel or something?  I’d rather not have fluid going all over the place as I am trying to capture and take to recycle rather than just dump on the ground or driveway.


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Yes,  thx for all the feedback guys.  The main issue I have is that the petcock I have doesnt have any method for attaching a hose - it’s not built to accept one.  I am going to look into changing it per dream cars suggestion, so I can attach a hose. That solution makes a lot more sense, although the other funneling ideas do sound like they will work.


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