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Boss 9 Tribute

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So I got the decklid lined up or at least very close to the original car's measurements. I layed the glass in to see how the front and rear glass fit. Not too happy. Pretty big gaps. I don't remember how big they were when I removed the glass originally or how much the trim covers. I'm going to try placing the glass back in the 69' and see if the gaps/fit are the same. 























Quite a large gap here....






Also, look how the roof skin lines up in the front versus the rear.







The passenger side is a little off. Not sure how to correct this. 





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9 hours ago, Viperpete said:

The passenger side is a little off. Not sure how to correct this. 


My first guess was put the doors in the door holes and see if you can tell how your body panels need to close up together to fit better.  That may be hard with your brace right there in the door opening.

My next guess is make something that perfectly fits the door opening of your old car shell.  Thats assuming your car door still fits in the opening of the old car.

Based off some of your other pictures, you're a bit of a welder.  I say use some scrap of angle iron or steel bars and weld up and catch some reference points on all sides of the door opening.  Then take that over to your new car where you're fitting your panels together.  Use it to help decide what needs to move where.  If you're feeling crazy, start tacking the body panels directly to the jig.  :P


I suppose you could take that idea further.  Build a little skeleton inside your old car (that can be disassembled and reassembled in the new car).  Make some features that come off the skeleton and come to certain reference points in the body.    This lets you copy the old car to the new car by making sure a bunch of points are all held properly in relation to each other.

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