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Roller Idler Arm Install Question

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I was having an OpenTracker roller idler arm installed on my 1969 Mustang (conv. 302 manual transmission manual steering).  The mechanic called and told me that he cannot get it to work. Something about the bracket not being able to be bolted (mostly the lower bolt). He said that the rest of the idler arm gets in the way so that the bolt cannot fit.  They were going to try and take apart the idler arm to install the bracket first and then reattach the rest of the idler arm.  I haven’t see it yet and don’t have photo. Has anyone had any issue with installing the roller idler arm. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Also- if only Installing two rear tires, why would you need an alignment if there were no issues?  My thought would be no needed. 

Btw-I posted this on the Vintage-Mustang Forum to hopefully get some help.  I apologize for the duplication if you are on both forums.

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2 hours ago, jrw69 said:

Installed one on my 69 Mach 1 and had no problem. Make sure you have the correct one for manual steering and the correct year.

Thank you. It is the correct one-double checked with John at Open Tracker.  He had a good suggestion. 

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