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Coil spring pads and spacers

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I had purchased (years ago) a set of heavier (but I believe 1" shorter) coils springs for my '69 convertible.

They improved the ride dramatically.  (along with a fatter front sway bar).

I recall that the rubber pads at the top of the coil springs were just about disintegrated. I thought I'd buy replacements.

I see CJ pony parts has rubber replacements that look contoured to the spring shape. I see Scott Drake makes a polymer version.    Any thoughts on a good direction?

Also, the LOWER spring saddles have some pads...I cannot find them.  Any sources?

Lastly, I  see a Scott Drake 1" poly spacer that (I think) would mount at the top, but i'm not 100% sure, I can't find any installaton details.   Would these spacers replace the need for the top spring pads?

Any other upgrades while I have the shocks and springs out?  (not sure if the spring saddles need any work typically.)




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Call John at OpenTracker  https://opentrackerracing.com/

You might want to go with roller spring perches for the lower control arms and they come with the new pads.  I think it makes a big difference.  Also if you have not already done it do the upper control arm drop. (Shelby Drop)

John supplied 1/4" Poly spring cushions for mine.

Here is a link to my build thread starting at the suspension:


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