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Found 13 results

  1. need help with connecting a new 69 mach 1 alternator wiring harness. i bought the one with tach since i have a tach car however my old plug has 4 prong plug but one is blank. can someone send a pic of the connections on both ends? https://www.cjponyparts.com/WALT5B/p/WALT5B/?utm_source=Pony&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=OrderConfirmation&lac_guid=dc8f286e-8eb0-e811-80fa-0050568938fc
  2. Hey guys, so I got the mustang out from storage and getting it ready to be a daily driver. The wiring harness is pretty bad, some moron did a hack job on it, so I'm going through the whole car and replacing what is needed. Starting with the dash harness, I have a question on the ignition switch wiring. Im not sure where this cut wire {picture} goes to. I found another cut wire that looks like it could go to it, it goes to the firewall plug. I cant find any 69 coupe wiring diagrams for the car anywhere. There are also a lot of wires that are unplugged and cut, so a wiring harness would be greatly appreciated, or if somewhere can help me sort out this mess.
  3. Installing my AAW harness in my 1970 Convertible. Would appreciate any pictures of how anyone has installed/secured/routed the AAW harness from the fusebox out. Particularly interested how harness was looped back under dash so the headlight switch/wiper switch/steering column connectors would up in the right place. My dash is out, dealing with a bare firewall. Thanks!
  4. Any suggestions on where to locate the relay pack that comes with the AAW wiring harness? See picture below
  5. Need help please. installing a n American Autowire classic upgrade harness. Purchased a replacement wiper motor from NPD. Motor has a plastic 4 postion wire connector. Original motor had a rubber 4 position connector that matches the new harness I purchased. Decided to cut the old rubber connector and replace the new plastic connector so it would be a plug and play situation. Soldered red to red, white to white. figured there was no way that would be wrong. Then the black wire I mated to green , which left only one wire, which I beleive was blue at the motor and I cant remember what it was on the American Auto wire plug. Is this correct?
  6. Guys, I just got a replacement seat belt warning relay and associated wiring. The relay is what appears to be a used part. I'm curious if anyone has wired this up? If so, was there a ground? It looks like the bolt tab on the relay is broken off, and I suspect this is what provided ground to the relay and associated circuit. This is what I picked up: http://www2.cougarpartscatalog.com/10003191.html and http://www2.cougarpartscatalog.com/store/p/13152-Wiring-Harness-Assembly-Seat-Belt-Reminder-Standard-Used-1968-Mercury-Cougar.html Also if you know what type of fuse goes in the wire that would be helpful as the fuse did not ship with the wiring- Best, -Tony
  7. While my coupe is at he body shop, I am trying to keep busy getting parts ready to go back on the car when it returns. I have the lower dash cleaned up and painted, as well as a newly refurbished harness from Midlife. Does it make any sense to start installing the harness on the lower dash before putting it back in the car?
  8. Hell yes! Absolutely! My only real question is why didn't I send him my harness a couple of years ago? After reading horror stories about the stock and aftermarket gauge ribbons, and having already veered off the stock rebuild path of my 69, I decided to use a Year One gauge bezel and Auto Meter gauges. I contemplated wiring the car from scratch. Having heard good reviews of Midlife harness rebuilds, I emailed him. I explained my plans and what I would like done. He quickly replied back with options and recommendations. He told me how many folks were in line ahead of me, when he expected to get to mine and the cost. I shipped my writing harness and gauge cluster of to Midlife. He notified me when he received it and that there were some issues with my pos(my words)harness. I really should have taken before pics as it was a joke. Many slices were merely bare twisted wires. Some has more than one splice the length of the wire. Most of the ignition switch wires had bare splices. Randy contacted me every time there was an issue, and kept me up to date during the entire process until he shipped it back to me. I received my package today from Florida complete with instructions. One area of service which fell short is that Randy didn't personally deliver the harness and install it today :) In today's world of crappy service I felt I owed it to Randy to let others know we have an honest, talented top shelf guy right here on our forum, who says what he does and does what he says. Thanks again Randy, Bob. A customer for life.
  9. Hi everyone, I have a 1969 Fastback and I am installing a set of autometer gauges to replace the worn out original set, including adding a tach. The gauges that I am using are the American Muscle set and include: Voltmeter, Oil Pressure, Water Temp, Fuel Level, Speedo and Tach. I am running into all sorts of problems and could use some help. I am currently using "Painless Performance #30302" wiring harness for easy connections (http://www.summitracing.com/parts/prf-30302) and I am having problems, any input here would be greatly appreciated. Here's my list of problems; 1. Programmable fuel level seems to be most accurate on the GM setting for some reason, not really an issue just super annoying. 2. Voltmeter has no reading. 3. Dash lights. !@#$ing Dash Lights. ok, so the voltmeter and oil pressure lights are always on. When the car is not running but the headlights are on all the gauges but the voltmeter and oil pressure are lit up. With the car running and the lights on all the gauges stop working completely. This is my biggest issue I am worried that I am damaging something and need it fixed asap. The painless wiring harness set that I'm using has all the wires for the gauges running together, so 1 ground, 1 power etc. Should I pull this thing out and light it on fire and run individual wires or can this setup still work? If I pull it out can I run all the instrument lights to one wire and wire it to the headlight switch? Also, if anyone has a diagram regarding the stock colored wires and their individual purpose that could be a big help, all the diagrams I have located don't agree on colors, if anyone has a link it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I am completely re-wiring my 69 Mustang project car. I'm having trouble with some of the instructions. My car is a manual transmission and does not have a Neutral Safety Switch. I know this because once I forgot to take the car out of 1st gear before I started it one time and it lurched forward when I cranked it. I've also read via Google searching that a Neutral Safety Switch is meant for an automatic transmission, like a C4, to prevent the car from starting when in gear. Makes sense. However, if you have a manual trans, the Painless instructions say nothing to the effect of "if you have a manual transmission, do <such and such> instead. So I have these 2 wires in the engine compartment just hanging out that look very important. They both 919 wires with both connecting to the Neutral Safety Switch. However, if a Neutral Safety Switch is not present in a car... like all manual transmissions from what I understand (sorry, I'm a novice here)... what am I supposed to do? Should I just connect these 2 wires together. In my mind, that would basically be the function of the Neutral Safety Switch... I just don't have one. As you can see in my attachment is the wiring diagram. The 919 wire goes from the starter solenoid --> to the Neutral Safety Switch --> then to the ignition switch. If I had an automatic transmission and the car was in neutral, I'm guess the switch continues that 919 connection... so wouldn't it makes sense to, in the absence of a Neutral Safety Switch to just make the connection manually? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  11. I am redoing a 69 fastback and am thinking of going to a modern alternator with an HEI distributor. Does anyone have any experience with this and if so, can I get rid of the voltage regulator.
  12. I read through the past posts on this, but didn't find my situation. Left side turn signal dosent blink, the lights turn on,(front and back) when you press the signal down but dosent blink. the right side works, the hazards work (all four), and the brake lights work. any help I would appreciate it. Thanks
  13. I want to replace all the wiring in my project. Can anyone recommend a company that makes a complete kit? I've heard of "painless" before and have been told they are anything but that. Thanks guys.....
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