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Found 9 results

  1. I am having trouble getting my engine/trans to have a proper angle in my fastback. I believe I was given wrong information and have the wrong crossmember. :( My transmission is currently angled around 9 degrees lower than perpendicular. In order to get my driveshaft angle correct, I know I need to get this thing lifted up at least a few inches. I found this crossmember https://calponycars.com/tkocrossmember Does this have a higher mount than a stock replacement crossmember? (which is what I believe I have) Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!
  2. Hi Everybody, i’m working on my 69 trasmission, just remove suspensions and rear axle unbolting the U joints, the two cup of the universal joint slide off and the needles went away, do you think is better go for a new universal joint or just reinsert the needles? the car when i was driving on the streets use to produce the typical gear clicker from park to rear gear, i know it has to deal with wear off universal joint, but mine is in good condition, rubber not show wearing off it's also well greased, this is the original ford one, concourse correct but I don't do show with my car just driving, so if replacing for wich one I should go? (Automatic transmission) thanks
  3. So I recently pulled my transmission for some work. This is the original C4 that came with the 69 vert. It has been redone within the past 6 years, so there wasn't much I needed to do with it. I changed the servos, installed a shift kit, inspected and reinstalled the tranny. I currently have a major leak around the low/reverse servo cover. It seems to be coming from the top of the cover. I removed the cover yesterday and installed a new seal, reinstalled the cover, and still have a leak (albeit a slightly smaller one!). I've heard that using Loctite 518 around the seal and bolt holes will do wonders to cure this. Have any of you tried this before? I had pulled the tranny because it was having trouble going into reverse, and would not go into 1st gear. The install went well, and I even backed it out of the garage, which is when my son noticed the large amount of fluid coming out from under the car! :) Thanks!
  4. I would like to replace my "A" servo seals but don't know if all C4 servo seals regardless of the letter are the same? Any good site to order them from? all the best, Paul
  5. Hello To All, After driving the car for more than an hour, when I come to a stop and get ready to go again I have to bump the gas in order for it to engage or loosen up. Any ideas? Pigbait69
  6. I have a 69 Mach 1 project car with and FMX transmission. The TAG numbers are: PHB E C9ZAA19C I know that the the PHB E is a FMX for a 351 2V which matches the car. I think the C is for C9Z is for 69 Mustang. The question I have; Anyone know what the "AA19C" is ? Thanks, Denis
  7. 20+ years ago, I re-made transmission cooling lines based on the lines that were on my car, and routed them under the motor mount. About 15 years ago, I had the engine pulled, and when it was re-installed, I saw that they had routed the lines above the motor mount. To me, it seems a bit awkward. I am having trouble finding good diagrams that confirm which way is correct. Below the mount, as I recall, I was concerned about them sagging. Since I'm not 100% certain that the cooling lines that I used for a model were factory, I can't be sure that mine are bent properly. Can anyone confirm the proper path for the trans cooling lines? Thanks in advance, Tom
  8. well i am new to the site, but i own a 1969 mustang so i thought i'd sign up =P, down to business, i have a C4 automatic trans in the car now with a 302 V8 not a boss, its all stock. I am wanting to swap that out for a manual transmission, not really picky on 3/4/5 speed, just want the easiest swap possible, i understand i'm going to have to put a clutch and all that in i'm just wondering what way would be the easiest? and what transmission would you guys recommend, and how would you recommended me going about doing it? any and all help is appreciated thanks a lot!!! kfish
  9. Hey Guys Im new and need some help and advice. Firstly, only ALT. and TEMP. gages do not work....Oil Pressure and Fuel Sending are good...any idea's? Also I can't seem to get my Brake Warning light to come on again???? Secondly, I purchased a Disc Setup from a 75 Granada. My Factory 69 Distribution Block/prop valve seem to engage the brakes VERY early and HARD. then shortly after bottom out, as if it were hitting a HARD DEAD END on the pedal (5-6" before the floor) and lastly. I have 3.73's in my Rear. I rev too high on the highway. Is there any AUTOMATIC tranny out there that I can use. AOD's are rare and BIG $$$$.....and possible fix for this while keeping my gears? (i have a C6) If anyone can help, it would GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Regards, Jeff
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