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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys, I'm saving up to swap to a Toploader and while doing so I am planning everything reasonable (key word) to improve the driving position/controls for my car. Since I am 6'5 I already have moved the drivers seat down and back, and I have already installed a steering wheel and hub combo that moved the wheel towards rear about 2.5". This definitely helped me fit in the car better. Even with the current fmx in the car the shifter is pretty difficult to reach for me, and once the car is a manual the reaching to 1st/3rd would be unacceptable for me. I tossed around the idea of moving the engine and transmission back to place the shifter further rearward for better positioning. After realizing how quickly this becomes a rabbit hole of modifying things I have decided I would be better off doing one of two things... 1)The simplest idea is to cut and reweld the Hurst shifter lever. This is why I need some pictures from you guys, because I would like to see how close the lever gets to the factory tunnel hole. Anyone have pictures of their shifter in 2nd, and 4th? Really hoping to find pictures showing the tunnel hole and how close the lever is. Brainstorming makes me think might want to chop the lever in 2 places if I go this route. 2) This idea is definitely a little trickier and more expensive but could work. I could fabricate a custom shifter plate for the Hurst shifter to attach further back on the tail housing. This means I would likely have to extend the shift rods as well, but that isn't the most difficult thing. Even if I had to make custom rods I'm confident I can do that. I also realize that I would have to cut up the top of the transmission tunnel for the shifter to go through. I have ideas on this, but would like to see if you guys have pictures first before discussing this route. Both of these options are much more doable than engine/trans set back and make more sense for a primarily street driven car. I can't emphasize enough my motivation to do something. I want to be happy driving the car when this project is over. All related pictures would be extremely helpful and appreciate!
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