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Found 4 results

  1. Decided to go the full Holley Sniper system with EFI throttle body and HyperSpark ignition. The Sniper ECU now controls my air/fuel, idle speed, spark timing and cooling fans. There are many ways to do this. Here is my way with pictures and part numbers. (My thanks to Chris at https://www.efisystempro.com/ for the tech support).
  2. I've been toying with this idea since Ridge Runner started making his fiberglass hood with the NACA ducts. I thought it would serve a purpose of removing air from the engine compartment and have the cool factor of louvers. If I didn't have a shaker hood I'd have already added them. Now I only paid $25 for the hood, and I know it's mine to do with as I please, but I'd like to get some input from all y'all as I do respect the talent on this forum. The hood and cowl will have the dull Mach 1 black paint. If I add louvers I'm leaning towards attaching the panels with rivets or screws for a more rustic look. Kinda like this. So what do you guys think about cutting a shaker hood for louvers? Flame away!
  3. I am in need of a unrestored 1970 351 Cleveland shaker base and snorkel. Patina is fine, dents are fine. I could also use a trim ring for the hood and a beat up old rubber seal. I have a 70 mach 1 unrestored, one owner all original I am going to sell that is complete minus the shaker stuff. I would really like to put it on to sell the car to someone to rebuild. Thank you, vanscooter email: vanscooter@comcast.net or 215-518-0293 I am in SE Pennsylvania
  4. I have a '69 mustang with a 302 that will be getting lots and lots of work this fall/winter. My mustang has the stock decoration hood scoop, and it appears that it already has the cutout for the shaker hood, and the non functional scoop was placed on top. If I take this off, will the shaker system fit in the stock cutout? I appreciate any feedback!
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