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Found 5 results

  1. So my upholstery is (was) all original... and in some ways it showed. The driver seat was split in the middle like so many seem to do. There are "cargo" tears in the rear seat where I carried something too heavy for the vinyl. So I am going about reupholstering. I started with the driver seat. I have the vinyl and foam off (I bet there was a pound of hog rings in there), but the burlap looks to be in pretty good condition - no tears at all. Is this one of those "replace it while its apart even though it doesn't appear to need it" situations, or should I just use what I have? And are there any modern equivalents? If I need to replace it, I just don't see why I wouldn't use something better than burlap.
  2. I know the stock seat tracks won't do that, but is there a drop in set or aftermarket slides that will do this?
  3. Hi, I have original low back bucket seats from my 69' that for forum members I will give away. I dont need them and throwing them away is a waste. Trying to clean some stuff out. They work fine, but the upholstery is very bad. The frames are good. Does not include sliders. I will ship if you want that but I imagine it will be pricey. Someone take them off my hands please!
  4. Has anyone had any luck replacing your front seats to something more comfortable than the original 1969 ones? If so, I'd love some ideas on which used cars to start looking at do do the swap. Preferably without too much work. All the best to the Mustang fans out there!!!
  5. Im in the process of converting the deluxe blue interior on my sportsroof to high back seats. Im looking for a pair of front high backs in any condition. I would also be interested in possibly trading my interior for one from a mach??? there in really good condition. Let me know what ya got!
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