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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, my mach one broke down in the middle of nowhere after a regulator issue. Regulator sent 18v+ and the battery warmed up and i had to stop but could never start again. short circuit in the battery and electronic ignition out of order. It seems this is not unusual and I would like to avoid any new journey like this one. I could see some central console with gauges. Does anyone knows if this exist with a voltmeter to control the battery. Or any other food solution is welcome. Chris
  2. While working on my car today the DS window glass came unglued at the rear bracket. I genuinely don't know what made this happen, the car was on jackstands on the frame rails with window half rolled down and suddenly I heard a bad sound. Yes my window has been rattling for years, is that not normal? (joking). The glass is okay which is great. I am sure that since the whole glass assembly has to come out that now is the time to replace any worn parts, like the regulator and my decrepit window/door weatherstripping. I would like to know what I should go ahead and purchase besides the obvious (regulator, weatherstripping, and glue). I don't have the money for a bolt in glass replacement right now. Unless someone has a deal and isn't too far away. Which glue have people had good luck with? I will read every existing forum and watch every video before I ask dumb questions about dis/reassembly and adjustment. I already marked where the bolts are in the slots but haven't done any disassembly yet. Mainly I don't want to forget to buy certain parts I can't think of, as I want to purchase said parts asap.
  3. Simply: Is the 69 coupe back quarter window supposed to roll "all the way down" (so the window completely hides inside the body)? I probably should know this, but as long as I can remember, they only go down about half way, and then seem to seriously bind. It's a gradual bind - never seems to "bottom out", but both sides do it the same. Reason I ask is I've never been in there, and I am about to go in to refurbish, and I want to have the right expectations. Thanks! Jay
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