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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, anyone out there have a clean way to drain the radiator without just letting it run out all over the struct rod support? My drain valve is directly over the strut rod brace, and when I want to drain the radiator, fluid just goes everywhere. There is just a hole in the drain valve, so no seeming way to hook a hose to it that I can figure. Anyone have any great soultions? Maybe some kind of funnel or something? I’d rather not have fluid going all over the place as I am trying to capture and take to recycle rather than just dump on the ground or driveway.
  2. Can anyone give me the dimensions in the picture? I have an aftermarket radiator and I am wondering if a stock bracket will work with it (I never had this style bracket with my car)
  3. New condition. Asking $58 shipped. For 302/289 non-AC cars PM and I'll get back to you.
  4. Looking for some help. I just replaced the transmission cooler lines, but I can't figure out the connection at the radiator end. At the trans end of the lines, like the original set, there are male connectors, which work fine... BUT as you can in the pic below, there's only a female connector/nut at the other end of the lines to meet up with the likewise female rad connector. Why didn't it have a male connector at both ends? Any suggestions? I assume I can find the right hardware, but I thought this was a fairly universal connection. I'm missing something obvious or the part came to me set up improperly. EDITED by GnarlsDarwin, on Flickr
  5. Hi, I have a '69 ragtop, and I am in the process of re-working the cooling system. I ran new heater hoses, and have a few questions. 1) I bought firewall grommets that are supposed to work, but my firewall has a "flare" where the hoses come through, and the hole is undersized by at least 1/8", so the grommets won't fit. I guess I'm wondering if there were grommets from the factory (they were long gone when I bought the car). There was no apparent damage to the hoses that I removed, so I'm thinking I could just use some black silicone to completely seal the firewall from the inside. 2) Does the top heater hose route above, or below the PCV hose? I assume above, to keep it as straight as possible. 3) My radiator is in pretty rough shape. Any thoughts on a good source for a replacement? Any fit issues with replacement rads? Thanks in advance for your help. -Tom
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