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Found 1 result

  1. About 3 weeks ago I started on a journey to find out if my 69 428SCJ was in fact real. So I joined this forum, and got some good advice ( buck tag # placement for a Dearborn ) Son of a gun, it was right on the right hand side of the radiator support bracket, were a forum member told me it would be. Great, all BUCK tag info. checked out fine ( see my buck tag info. post )The following is the unfolding of a continued uncertainty. After a little research, I started with the BLOCK cast code # c7me-a ( 428 4v / police int. /cj 1967 thru 1970 and ?? 330 cid ) and DATE code behind the oil filter. Talk about difficult, the stamping method Ford used was as archaic as the model T. I tried wiping it down, I shinned the light in many different angles, trying to capture a letter or number but couldn't read the imprint. Finally, I resorted to making some pizza dough and casting a Moulage ( plaster cast ) and was able to extrapolate the bloc date ( Sherlock Holmes ) # 8H22. ( 8 = 1968 H = Aug. 22 = day ) Then Moved on to the STEERING box tag # My car is NON power steering so maybe that's why there was no top line # ?? bottom line on steer box tag # is 8k21b - 8 = 1968 k = Oct. 21 = day and b = 2nd shift. Next was COIL tag # NO - CARB. tag # NO. - REAR END tag # NO. It has some aftermarket parts, Offenhauser Duel Quad, with 2 Carter 750/730 carbs, and a Mallory Unilite. Then I started looking at FE exhaust manifolds and the 390 ( which a member told me my car probably was a 390, from the BLOCK.cast # ) has a 14 bolt pattern and the cj has a 16 bolt pattern, then I checked for OEM 428 cj manifolds, ( c8oe - 9430 -a right side and c8oe - 9431-a left side ) my car has both, and they are completely different than the high pro. 390 gt. You can bet I was relieved that my 69scj, is starting to look like the REAL thing . I'll get back to you when we drop the oil pan and check the CRANK numbers ( 428 has 4 different crank variations possible ) and find out if it's a scj or cj ??? One VERY IMPORTANT thing to remember is the MANUFACTURE YEAR is July to July NOT Jan. 1 to Jan. 1 This understanding will help you determine if these parts fit. My 1969 was built March 11 1969, nine months into the model year, and the DATE code # of Aug. 22, 1968 IS A 1969 MODEL ENGINE. Check out utube " 428cj cougar by the numbers ' westcoastclassiccougar it shows that STOCK part DATE codes are sometimes DATED AFTER build. Check out utube " Ford casting numbers explained " myvintageiron7512 this guy knows fe heads. Information from both of these sourses listed here THANKS hope u found it useful
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