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Found 1 result

  1. I've had a really weird issue come and go on my ignition system: I have a Pertronix electronic ignition, but otherwise the engine compartment has new parts and a stock rebuild. Everything is pretty new. Maybe a few years old but less than 10K miles. Everything had been running terrific, but I had a leaky radiator, and decided to replace it. I had noticed a few times recently that I had a hard time getting the car started after it sat for a week or two. I wondered if the fuel pump was getting weak, or what, but it usually started after 20-30sec crank worst case.After I had completed the radiator replacement, and repainted some of the idler pulleys, cleaned things up and put it all back together, suddenly, the car would not start. just crank & crank. My first thought was I must not be getting fuel, but it's a bit messier to check, so I opted to hook up a timing light and see if I was getting spark. Sure enough, no spark - at all - out of the ignition system. At that point, I had no idea why. "Well, I wonder if the coil is bad" I thought. I had a known good one here, I'll swapped that to see. Swap coil - still zero spark. huh. "That must mean ignition module... dammit" was my next thought (and it was starting to piss me off cause the stupid things are not cheap). I cranked it some more, and after a few minutes of trying intermittently for 10-20 sec each try, I felt the battery was getting a little weak. So, I decided to just leave it for the weekend - I had other plans, I set the battery on a trickle charge and I left scratching my head. SO, here's the weird part. after charging the battery back up to full, I decided to crank it again, and it cranks right up. Runs smooth - no issues. WTH?? How can this be? I didn't do anything other than charge the battery. This would seem to point to a condition where, the pertronix wasn't getting enough juice to get a spark thru the pertronix, but there was plenty of battery energy to crank the engine for quite awhile. I find that REALLY odd. Have any of you had this happen? I drove the car around for half-hour tonight - it's running perfect. No pertronix or ignition symptoms whatsoever. So weird, the whole "no spark" condition is completely gone. I need help figuring out what happened there, cause I sure as hell didn't imagine it. Thanks for any thoughts. Jay
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