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Found 3 results

  1. MSD Pro Billet “Black” Ready-To-Run Distributor 83523 – NEW $375. Brand new in original box, and never installed! Fits Ford/Mercury “short-deck” Windsor engines (302/5.0, 289/4.7, from 1963-2001). This distributor is fully electronic with a magnetic pickup, mechanical and vacuum advance and an integrated ignition system that requires NO external box to work. 3 wires and a coil connection and it’s ready to work. This distributor comes with an iron gear fitted from MSD. If a steel, poly or bronze gear is required, MSD can upgrade this distributor accordingly for a fee. I accept PayPal & Venmo. The price is $375.00 price and buyer pays the ride to your location within the States. I will NOT ship internationally. Thanks! Sven Pruett Lake Orion, MI
  2. I installed a new MSD ready to run distributor, Blaster 2 coil and plug wires this weekend and am having problems getting the car to run. 351 Windsor For the dizzy,HB on TDC of the compression stroke using the thumb over the cylinder 1 sparkplug hole, then installed the dizzy with the rotor lined up directly underneath the number 1 spark plug wire. The firing order looks good, the coil is firing to all plug on the dizzy, but I can only get the car to idle extremely roughly. It sounds and looks like it is only running on 3-5 cylinders with heavy vibration and throttle will struggle revving through 1000rpm - 2000rpm, but after that it runs smoother, but still not perfect. In theory, it should be running, but its not. Looking for sugestions....
  3. Hi from India, I am restoring a 351W Mach1 here (AFAIK the only one), this is my 3rd 69 after a convertible and a coupe. The car was in a bad shape (eaten by sea air and rain for years + a blotched restoration attempt), and we have managed to do all the bodywork without any replacement panels. Reassembling the car now, and working on the engine. I have question regarding the distributor. I picked up a MSD 8582 Pro-Billet (with 6A box) from a guy here in India. Its meant for a 302 (I got it almost free). I have a 351W in my Mach1. I know that the distributor are different for the engines, but is there anyway I can modify/adapt it to fit my engine? Adapt the shaft to fit the 351, Can the shaft be dismantled? Thanks
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