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Found 5 results

  1. I've been toying with this idea since Ridge Runner started making his fiberglass hood with the NACA ducts. I thought it would serve a purpose of removing air from the engine compartment and have the cool factor of louvers. If I didn't have a shaker hood I'd have already added them. Now I only paid $25 for the hood, and I know it's mine to do with as I please, but I'd like to get some input from all y'all as I do respect the talent on this forum. The hood and cowl will have the dull Mach 1 black paint. If I add louvers I'm leaning towards attaching the panels with rivets or screws for a more rustic look. Kinda like this. So what do you guys think about cutting a shaker hood for louvers? Flame away!
  2. I'm looking for a used hood for 1969 Mach 1 (original equipment only). This car does not have a shaker hood. It has a bolt-on scoop. I'm also looking for a driver's-side door.
  3. I've heard from numerous people NOT to cut a hole in my hood and I never asked WHY? I may need the clearance after I put this top end kit it plus it gets so hot under my hood. I have a boss hood scoop that's just for looks...why not make it functional? Thoughts?
  4. I have found all sorts of fiberglass hoods, but I want to keep the body steel. I just don't trust fiberglass not to crack right after i get a paint job.
  5. Here is my dilemma. I currently am getting ready to paint my 69 coupe. I was planning on doing the engine/tranny first, but circumstances arose that I am now going to be doing the paint prior to the drivetrain. I currently have a 302 with an Edelbrock Performer intake manifold, 2" Carb Spacer, an Edelbrock 600cfm carb and the short edelbrock Pro-flow 1000 foam air cleaner. Currently that setup barely clears the stock hood. My eventual plan is to drop in a 351w with an edelbrock performer air-gap intake manifold (likely drop the 2" carb spacer) and get a standard sized air cleaner. I figure that this setup will not fit under the hood so the question is how best to proceed. I have considered these three options: Fiberglass Ram air hood Pro: I think this is a very cool looking hood, light weight Con: Not sure how much additional clearance this will give me. Does anyone know how much clearance that gives you? Fiberglass Cowl induction hood Pro: light weight, can obviously get as much hood clearance as I need Does anyone have an estimate on how much additonal clearance I would need? 2", 5", etc? Keep Stock hood and cut a hole in the top and purchase a carb mounted scoop Pro: Cheapest method, I have always digged the look of the carb scoop Con: Hole in my hood :), Not sure how large to make the hole, How do people typically trim the edges of the hole? Would I have to do this before painting or could I do it after? What if down the line I wanted to install a blower? Not sure how you open a hood with a big scoop sticking out of it? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Also if there is an option that I haven't considered (other than lowering the engine mounts - dont want that much work) please let me know. Thanks!!! Con: To me this is the least attractive of all the options
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