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Found 2 results

  1. I'm having a issue where my Edelbrock electric fuel pump is pulsating when I put my foot on the brake pedal before I crank up my car. I've also noticed at night that my tail lights are dimly lit as my car sits on the trickle charger parked in my garage. Would this possibly be a grounding issue? Has anyone ever had this type of issue before? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey all, Recently my car has been dying while driving it. One minute it is fine and the next no power whatsoever. I end up pulling off the side of the road and it will start up again but it runs really rough for the first few seconds and I have to pump the gas a bunch to get it going. I think the electrical might be grounding out somewhere causing the sudden stall. The battery also dies sometimes when it sits for a day or so. This could also be a carb issue, but I do not smell excessive gas when I pop the hood and it doesn't sputter or anything to indicate not enough gas before. I was thinking maybe the fuel filter or pump. I could use some help as I am still learning. Also, pictures of ground locations would be very helpful so I can clean them up and be sure they are all making good contact. Thank you in advance. Thomas
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