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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all, Just curious to hear first hand experiences with the repro std. interior gauge bezels available and if there is any one better than the other. NPD seems to be perpetually out of stock on the one they offer but I see Virginia Classic Mustang has one that appears to be available. Anyone have any experiences they are willing to share good/bad? Pictures would be great if ya got 'em! Looking for the best quality and fit we can find as the OE parts out there are getting rougher and rougher as years pass. Thanks in advance!
  2. I think I have a real problem here and need a more knowledgeable opinion. I have a 70 coupe with a Ford racing 306 motor. I recently rewired the car with the American Autowire kit and I have New Vintage Usa aftermarket gauges. My problem is, I never felt the temperature gauge on the NVU gauge was reading correctly so I bought a new autometer temperature gauge. My problem now is... the New Vintage gauge is reading my temperature as being about 190 but the autometer gauge that I have that's brand-new is tell me that my motor is running at 210. How can I find out which ones accurate?
  3. Hello to all, I have the direct fit performance gauges. The issue is my high beam indicator (led) is lit through the tach. When the car is running and I hit my high beam the tach needle will jump up to 3500 and then settle at 1500. The engine will never rev during this even though the tach indicates this. I have it wired up as instructed. Any ideas? Pigbait69
  4. Ok, so after getting new gauges, Temp,Oil PSI,Voltmenter, i decided i wanted to try and use the Temp gauge, WITH my stock gauge that is Working.. The stock gauge TSU is front of manifold,driverside, works great, just isnt detailed, just says "TEMP" on the stock gauge, and points to "E", which is fine, runs cool. no issues.. The aftermarket gauge would show actual numbers... i would like to install that as well, but i thought there were atleast 2 areas to hook up the TSU...cant seem to find one.. Question: Does anyone have ideas or know where they hooked up a 2nd TSU for a different gauge. 302 2v v8 "F" code thanks.
  5. Just got done installing an "EZ wiring harness" in my 1969 mustang. I went to start the car and check to make sure everything worked. When I turned the key to run position I could smell smoke and noticed smoke coming from behind my gauge cluster. I immediately turned the key off and disconnected the battery. Upon further investigation I found melted electrical tape which I used to wrap the wires. I believe it's from the gauge power wire which comes off the same line as the coil wire. I checked my wiring diagram and it kinda looks like there should be a resistor in the gauge power line. Any ideas?
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