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Found 4 results

  1. Decided to go the full Holley Sniper system with EFI throttle body and HyperSpark ignition. The Sniper ECU now controls my air/fuel, idle speed, spark timing and cooling fans. There are many ways to do this. Here is my way with pictures and part numbers. (My thanks to Chris at https://www.efisystempro.com/ for the tech support).
  2. I'm currently running a Holley 670 cfm Street Avenger Carb with Electric Choke for my 408 Windsor stroker. I'm strongly considering an upgrade to EFI and I've been trying to do research on ones to avoid and all of the items that are required to be done. The FI Tech Fuel Injection system appears to show up a good bit during research with good reviews. Does anyone have advice on ones to avoid, any issues, or recommendations for EFI upgrade?
  3. This probably isn't the ideal place to ask this but you never know who's lurking... Is there a web site out there that specialises in Megasquirt related tech info for vintage cars? I'm looking for information on how to adapt sequential MS to an old style intake manifold. The end goal is to have something that looks vaguely OEM when the hood is lifted - may even try to incorporate a shaker to hide the fuel rails. I'm not interested in the turnkey kits that our there. Thanks.
  4. So I'm days away from rebuilding my engine. 351W I'm going to put a 400hp edelbrock top end kit in bored 30 and redo the bottom end. I bought a 650 Holley carb a little over half a year ago. Should I just use that or put a FiTech EFI/Holley EFI on this? I've heard great things about the Fitech and to buy it before Holley buys them out. I've heard that people have a hard time tuning on them at first. Has anyone had experience with this?
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