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Found 7 results

  1. What issues will I have (if any) by removing my cylinder heads to replace the gaskets while the engine remains in the bay? Thanks for everyone's input on this :)
  2. Hey all, My engine has started making some dreaded knocking noises which I am fairly sure has to do with worn bearings(Crank/Connecting Rod). I have previously taken the oil pan off and know there is more play than there should be in some of the connecting rod bearings. We purchased another car just in time for this one start to break down so I can actually work on the mustang and not worry about how I'll get anywhere thankfully. I am looking at doing a rebuild of my bone stock 302 small block. I have 2.5" exhaust with a C4 behind the engine. currently it has a 2bbl intake and carb, but will probably upgrade that. The car is mostly just for crusing and I am slowly working on things. It was "rebuilt" when I bought it, though clearly not very well. when I bought the thing I didn't know enough to realize how bad it was done. While I am rebuilding the engine I would like to possibly add a little more budget performance. I am looking to stay in the $900 range for the rebuild not including any machine work that may need to be done due to the failures in the engine. Specifically, what are your thoughts on boring it out? I have just started looking into rebuild kits and different components so any advice/suggestions are appreciated! Thank you!
  3. Hello everyone, I have a msd blaster 2 ignition coil with a 6AL and an MSD distributor on my 302 engine. When I take the car out for long drives (4 to 5 hrs on highway at 70 mph) everything runs great. When I leave the car in the driveway running for 30 min or longer the ignition coil gets very hot and the engine stalls. Impossible to start it up again until it cools off. Could anyone give me some insight on what the problem may be? Never misfires and timing seems to be spot on. Thanks in advance for your time and help. All the best from sunny Italy! Paul
  4. Back again. I have two plugs that look the same to me and do not know what they go to. Maybe you guys can help. Engine is a 302. Pretty much stock with the exception of powersteering added.C4 auto trans. One is definitely green, and I have that hooked up to the transmission. I'm pretty sure it goes to the neutral safety switch. The other wire also appears very faded green, but I am suspecting it may have been blue originally. In my electrical manual both tell me to see other document which I do not have... Any idea what these wires go to?
  5. I have just finished restoring a 1969 GT 428CJ and took it out for its first big road trip this past weekend. I had ran it up and down the highway before the trip a few times the and had over 100 miles on it and everything seemed fine, I put over 200 miles on it on this trip and I started to notice a bog right during acceleration in any gear. Most noticeably from a stop, it almost dies going through an intersection but then picks up and runs fine. Even at 70mph and in 4th gear if I let off the gas and get back on it quickly the bog is there but not so much if I roll through the acceleration. I did not notice this when first running it in the days prior but after getting on it and really running it for a day it showed up. I have checked the vacuum lines and all seems well. I have read some information that it could be the accelerator pump or even the squirters? Any thoughts or information would be great.
  6. Hi all, Standard 302 motor. No A/c. Power steering. Everything on the car is pretty stock. Recently I have been having some strange things happen. First, my batter is not holding a charge very well. I will usually get one solid crank at the starter in the mornings and if she doesn't start I have to jump it. I haven't done much testing on this as it just started happening this week and I am back to school so my life is basically over. I realized my battery plate is rusted and the holding block allows it move around some could the terminal touching the frame from it sliding around cause a drain? Second, my car will randomly just die. It will be driving fine, sounds normal, gages all read ok and then suddenly no power at all. This has happened twice in maybe 4 months. Everytime I go to start the car again I have to hold the gas pedal to the floor to get enough gas for the thing to start. And then it runs rough for a few seconds and sounds good again. Is this a carb issue? Needle getting stuck? Third, when my engine gets hot is sounds like one of the cylinders may be missing every now and then. How do I figure out i this is the issue? Compression test? I am new to working on cars but have a general knowledge and am handy. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I plan on doing a lot of body/performance work this winter. I have already have a good list of parts I deemed important. 650cfm carb, performance intake, new radiator/fan, pertronix ignition, headers, etc. However, I haven't decided on any mods I want to do to the motor itself. I can't go out and buy a crate racing motor, like we all wish we could. I have heard some things about affordable mods, but I've heard too many variations. I've heard 289 heads will help, but I've also heard newer mustang or explorer heads are better. Any other suggestions about new cams, cranks, heads, or any other fairly affordable mods that will help the 302? I appreciate any feedback!
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